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Together we achieve extraordinary successes!

Dear sirs/madams !

We are glad to meet You!
The Ural Industrial Company Ltd. has been working on the Russian market since 1991. For the fifteen years of work we proved ourselves to be a stable and reliable companion.
The profile business directions of our company are:
complex supply of industrial equipment (electric power stations, welding aggregates, compressor and pumping equipment and others). Organization of service, guarantee and post- guarantee attendance.
wholesale supply of pipe, sheet and bar rolled metal as well as construction materials (cement, insulating materials and so on)
cargo transportation by motor transport for needs of other organizations either on the territory of the Russian Federation or abroad.

Our companions are large-scale industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation. Due to our long-term work experience and co-operation with many enterprises we have a possibility to present much better Your company's concern in the Russian Federation, organize an advertising campaign, represent the production at exhibitions, presentations and seminars as well as supply different equipment for Your company. The specialists of our company constantly attend Russian and foreign special-purpose industrial exhibitions and seminars dedicated to new equipment and technologies. It allows us to be in the know of all technical innovations and collate and serve the equipment competent.

We are looking for foreign partners, who wish to set up trade channels for selling their production in Russia. We are interested in affective and full presenting of our partners' concern on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The advantages for Your company are:
Prestige advertising - Your company and Your produce will be known not only in your country but also abroad.
Profit - supplementary channels of sale in Russia will make a large profit to Your company.
Time saving - a large information base about Russian enterprises, business contacts with our partners will save your time.

We'll be glad to collaborate with Your company.
Together we achieve extraordinary successes!

Offers can be send:
«The Ural Industrial Company Ltd»
tel./fax: +7 (343) 373-59-88, 373-59-89
Е-mail: [email protected]

Best regards,
the Protocol department of The Ural Industrial Company Ltd.

親愛的先生/女士! "烏拉爾工業公司"的組織於 1991年/我們的主要方向是複雜交付工業設備及建築 物資 ,並組織運送貨物的卡車 . 目前,我們公司正尋求外國合作夥伴 ,他們希望把渠道出售自己的農產品在俄羅斯 . 為什麼我們相信你會有興趣我們提供? 珍藏你的公司和產品 ,將可知道,不僅在貴國 ,而且是在國外 . 利潤補充渠道出售俄羅斯將賺取巨額利潤給你的公司. 當時經濟的一個大的信息基地,對俄羅斯企業 ,商業接觸 ,我們的合作夥伴將可節省你的時間 . 我們會很樂意討論所有可能的合作前景與你. 提供可發送 : «烏拉爾工業公司»電話 /傳真 : +7 ( 343 ) 373-59-88, 373-59-89 電子郵件 : [email protected]問候 , 禮賓司 "烏拉爾工業公司" .

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